00:06 10/05/2011

Fire Pumps may be powered either by an electrical motor or a diesel engine. If the local building code requires power independent of the local electric power grid, a pump using an electric motor may require the installation of an emergency generator.

Lightning Protection System

 10:50 03/05/2008

Lightning Protection System A complete system which permits the protection of structures facilities and open areas against the effects of lightning. This consists of an internal and external system of lightning protection.

Security System

 10:45 03/05/2008

If you really want to do everything you can to safeguard your home or business, the security systems f-rom Ademco, Caddx, Nappco, Sentrol, are the smartest move you can make. You'll feel safe and secure, knowing these advanced systems are constantly on the lookout for any sign of trouble.

Fire alarm system

 10:38 03/05/2008

T-M can offer and provide the most comprehensive services available.* Complete range of detectors and control systems on the requirements of approval standards f-rom industrial countries.* Have all the facilities and functions of a comprehensive automatic fire detection and fire alarm system.

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